Speak at our conference

AI & Cloud First Conference

Two days of inspiring talks on state-of-the-art technique, innovation, discussions on AI and ethics, applied solutions for corporations, hands-on workshops, knowledge sharing, networking, and entertainment.

Some of the topics you can apply with:

- Hybrid Multiclouds, Edge Computing
- Data Engineering, Microservices Architecture
- High-Performance Computing
- Computer Vision, Deep Learning & AI
- Conversational AI, Explainable AI

- Graphics & Simulation, Hardware Acceleration
- Business and Strategy, Digital Transformation
- National Strategy for AI, Ethics and Regulations
- Startup Ecosystem, Education

Evaluation process:

Our Program Committee is responsible for selecting high-quality sessions and content.

To make the selection process easier, please provide us with enough information about:

- Yourself as a speaker
- The potential target audience
- Preconditions for the audience
- The talk (including summary, outcome etc)
- Special needs for Audio, Internet, Hardware
- Something we forgot
- Previous Talks, Presentations, Findings
- Do not propose advertisement Talks
- Don’t copy stuff from other famous talks/blogs

May 19th, 2020

Event starts

Hyatt Regency Belgrade


May 20th, 2020

Event ends

Benefits included:

+ Admission to both summit days
+ Access to the expo area
+ Recorded talks

+ Network with the official congress app
+ Access to the official afterparty
+ Access to the official Speaker Dinner

+ Lunch on both congress days included
+ Unlimited coffee, soft drinks, and snacks
+ Accommodation
+ Event Fee