Oskar Mencer

Founder / CEO

Maxeler Technologies

AI conflict between hardware and software, from edge to datacenter

As AI evolves we continue a historical conflict between hardware people who want everything to be fixed and hardcoded into ASICs and software people who want to keep everything flexible down to the last minute. With the emergence of IoT, we now have a second dimension of people who want everything to be computed on the cloud versus people who want to move as much computation as possible to the edge. To be successful in this new world of computing, we need to understand the microstructure of the 2D design space created by the two dimensions: hard-soft and cloud-edge.

Technical / All levels


Oskar Mencer is CEO of Maxeler Technologies and Professor of Practice at Imperial College London. Having taken a first university course on neural networks in 1993, Oskar has been building computer hardware and software for numerical computing and in many occasions AI-related algorithms at the Technion in Israel, Stanford University, Bell Labs in Murray Hill, and Hitachi Central Research Laboratories. His company, Maxeler Technologies delivered production systems for mission critical challenges to Chevron, JP Morgan, CME Group, Juniper, Amazon Webservices, and the supercomputer centers Juelich and Daresbury Labs.

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